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  • Our attorneys understand agriculture, and we won our rice cases against Bayer CropScience®
  • We are lead attorneys in the Williamson County, Illinois Syngenta® Viptera Lawsuit
  • We believe this is an individual case,
    not class action
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    • Average Farmed Corn (In Acres since 2014)
    • Estimate Yield (Bushels)
    • Total Yield  
    • Estimated Damage Multiplier*
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    • 160
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    • 160000
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    • $.58
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    • $.58
    • =
  • Total Damages
  • $92,800

Estimated Damage Calculator†

Use our calculator to see what your compensation might be

*Our industry analysts, the same that we used in our GMO Rice cases, estimate damages between approximately $0.58 and $1.61/bushel of corn. Regardless of this range, this amount is only an estimate, and no guarantees can be made on a damage multiplier or damage amount by any agricultural attorney, or if there will be any damages in this case.
†The above Damage Estimate Calculator is for informational purposes only. Although the Damage Estimate Calculator uses a “Estimated Damage Multiplier” derived from industry analysts, the above “Estimated Damage Multiplier” and Damage Estimate Calculator is for illustration and estimation purposes only. There are no guarantees of any results, as any results will be dependent on independent facts and will differ from case to case. Contact our qualified agricultural legal team for more information.
We are fighting for you.
We will fight to make this right.

- Martin Phipps

Phipps Anderson Deacon

We have been involved in this Syngenta® litigation since the first shipments of Syngenta® GMO corn were rejected by China in November of 2013. We strongly believe that cases involving farmers should be tried in farming towns. Small communities, not large cities, understand farming, which is why our cases will be tried in Marion, Illinois. We are pleased to have been appointed lead counsel over all Illinois farmers involved in the Syngenta® seed lawsuit in Marion. We believe that the only way to hold Syngenta® and the grain trade industry responsible is to represent the people who have been harmed, where they were harmed. Let us represent you and bring Syngenta® to the turn-row to make this right.

Know the Facts

  • Is this a class action suit?

    No, as farm lawyers we believe in representing each farmer individually to properly manage your case, which can potentially maximize your settlement. However, time is running out for you to make a decision, as a class action was recently certified by a Kansas Judge. This will limit your options if you do not sign up soon for individual representation by our experienced agricultural attorneys.

  • I didn’t buy from Syngenta®, do I have a case?

    Absolutely yes! The entire corn market was affected as a result of Syngenta’s® and the grain trade industry's actions. Our farm lawyers will fight for your business as if it were our own – with integrity, honesty and character.

  • Is the Class right for me?

    The class may be a good choice for some farmers who do not want to hire an individual attorney, file a lawsuit and opt out of a class settlement for more info go to http://www.syngentacornlitigation.com

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